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Christmas Dinner: Tinsel Tales Entry


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The Writelinks Community have an annual christmas themed competition called Tinsel Tales. I was looking at a few of the entries so far for this years edition and thought I could give it a go. After all, with all the snow outside theres plenty of inspiration to be had… and I’m not likely to be getting much else done till the weather improves.

The only stipulations for the contest are that the story had to be on a christmas related theme and be a maximum of 250 words long including title. £5 to enter with prizes of £40, £20 and £20 along with bonus prizes of free membership to the Writelinks community and an ebook for finding markets for poetry.

***The Competition Closed on January 1st 2011: Below is my entry***

The attractive Chaffinch with its pink chest and slate blue head had gone through a frightening and exhausting trial to bring food back to its mossy nest in the hedge.

Winter had struck early and the gardens were a blanket of snow wherever one looked. Food was scarce so he was delighted to have found a bag of peanuts next to a bin. It was at the last moment he noticed the cat lurking in the shadows, the snow silencing his stalkers approach. Escaping by a whisker the bird with its prize subsequently flew against a window and had to risk returning to the ground to collect the peanuts again.

Flying back towards the nest the cloud emptied again, raining down icy rocks almost as big as the poor bird’s beak. He dodged and weaved through the storm flying against the wind that kicked up snow devils in the large garden. On reaching the shelter of his nest he dropped the bag and pecked at the peanuts that remained inside, breaking them up as best he could.

He perched exhausted but happy as he admired his meal. A rustle of the hedge alerted him to another; he hopped around in fear of the cat but saw a pathetic looking half starved Coal Tit that gave him a pleading look. He sighed and dropped the bag with a few remaining peanuts out of his nest.

The other bird may have been a Tit, but it was Christmas after all.

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