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In Defense of Extinction

Imagine taking this for a walk before work...

It has come to my attention that certain groups in society are intent on preventing any of the worlds fauna or flora from passing into their rightful place in history alongside the dinosaurs and the dodo. They even rush to preserve long exhausted ideas and outmoded building styles.

Let us examine this for one moment. Who in their right mind would argue it would be a good thing if T-Rex had survived to the present day? Can you imagine the tailbacks on country roads due to Tyrannosaurs crossing? The insurance costs for keeping one as a pet (and some enterprising American would no doubt swap his Lion for a velociraptor) would be enormous. Let’s not forget the environmental impact of history’s most famous carnivore. That’s a lot of cows they would need feeding and we all know about the impact cows have with the gases they produce. At least I hope we do if we’re going to have an informed debate. When you think about it, if Mr T-Rex and his cousins hadn’t gone extinct, then the human race may not be here today. After all, it took us millions of years to work out how to create fire and use tools, we would have stood no chance in the Jurassic food chain.

What business of ours is it if some Tasmanian devil or great white shark goes extinct? How great is that shark if it cannot ensure its own survival? I know your going to say its our moral responsibility to protect the nature around us.

I say that’s nonsense. Never before, to our knowledge has a species actively tried to engineer the natural world on a biological level. Beavers build dams, but you don’t see cats sponsoring field mouse breeding programs. Or seagulls rationing their fishing to certain waters and manageable quotas. They just get on with their lives and do their best to adapt and those that cannot do that go extinct. That is Darwin’s theory of evolution. Natural competition.

You say cats don’t drill the oil from the land, don’t bury nuclear waste beneath areas of natural beauty or fell an entire rain forest. Just because they haven’t done that yet, does not mean they wouldn’t if they could.

The real reason people are opposed to extinction is quite selfish. We are trying to preserve the world as it is to ensure our own survival. The evolutionary process be damned. Things work as they are so lets keep it as it is.

I ask you… how moral is that? Just as people get to die with dignity, so should species that are not cut out for this ever-changing world. Even humans should have the threat of extinction hovering over us. It is the very threat that has generated millions of years of innovation. What right do we have to interfere with the natural order of things?


If you’re so worried about saving things from extinction, you may as well start with, well… extinction.


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