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The Lazarus Experiment: An Anniversary Special

The Lazarus Experiment: An Anniversary Special

It was over a year ago in January 2011 that I began serializing my short story The Lazarus Experiment on a weekly basis. Four parts, each around 1,000 words long was my contribution to the #fridayflash and #tuesdayserial community on Twitter. The response was positive with some readers intrigued to ask where exactly the line between fact and fiction was in the story (its stranger than you may think see my article on the research that went in to the story). It gave a great shot of adrenaline to this websites traffic and when I came to complete the serial at the start of February I was enthused to submit it to a few electronic publishers as a collected 5,000 word short story.

A couple of publishers were interested and I’ve been very happy with the support (including in polishing it up in a pre-release edit) and advice that my chosen seattle based publisher Books To Go Now have given me. You can get The Lazarus Experiment from a wide range of websites including the Kindle platform, Nook shop, and even UK stalwart WHSmith. You can download it from the Android marketplace, where its been most popular with people on the go looking for a quick read, or you could even borrow it in American library. The pricing has even been revised to a figure I’m comfortable with (77p in the UK, about the price of a chocolate bar).

Now, a year on from starting that journey with Books to Go Now they have continued to support it by offering it FREE this weekend only on and To get it all you need to do is load up your Kindle App (also Free on Phones and computers) type in Christopher Michael Bell or The Lazarus Experiment and download for your reading pleasure.

And should it really be a reading pleasure, please don’t forget to leave a little review on either or both of the Amazon websites… and tell your friends!

The Lazarus Experiment, Free this weekend on KINDLE!

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Research: Choose Your Own Adventure

When I first read about the Kindle so many years ago I had two thoughts. The first was probably similar to everyone elses – I could get books at any time, any where, and without having to reinforce my creaking bookshelves. The second thought was less conventional but more deeper; Books could now be limitlessly interactive. The iPad and other Tablet and smart phone generation e-readers have raised that bar further with embedded video, music and other content. Which is all well and good, no doubt it is a transformative phase for the ‘book’ as we think of it.

As a kid one of the types of books I enjoyed were the Choose Your Own Adventure books which could promise a different unexpected adventure each time (if leveraged by chance with the use of dice or more simply multiple choice). It gave me the reader, the feeling that I could power the story, direct it. Even though I was still ultimately at the behest of the writer, the illusion was enjoyable.

Ofcourse the advent of games consoles have meant the appeal of such books has declined, but a niche still exists. I know that I would rather let my kid ‘play’ his CYOA book before sleep than messing about on a games console which will overstimulate the mind and affect their sleep. What do you think? Can CYOA find a place still?

I have been considering writing a kindle intended CYOA for some time now and wanted to gather some opinions from people who have read such books in the past. What do you look for in such a story? First person or Third Person? How deep and branching should the story be? What genre works? At the moment I am considering my two loves of pulpy noir and american west.

Share your thoughts, experiences and advice in the comments below or via Facebook and Twitter.

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