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Ether Books to Publish (My!) Short Stories

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Small, but perfectly published...

I have been sat on some exciting news over the last couple of weeks. The pessimist in me has not allowed me to get too excited by the fact that Ether Books shall be publishing up to 3 stories from yours truly. Potentially, should time allow and I feel confident in my material there may be further stories to come down the line.

Ether Books, who were recently shortlisted for a prestigious Mobile Entertainment Award in the ‘Best Mobile Book Company’ category have been mentioned before on the Cul-De-Sac. They are a recent start up platform for delivering short stories to mobile phones (initially the iPhone but others hopefully in the new year). It allows established and new writers a chance to reach a massive market with a form of writing that in recent decades has been much maligned by the traditional publishing industry. Now, modeled perhaps on the mobile APP market, readers can download and collect great stories on the go – reading something compelling and fulfilling on the way to work or at lunch. No lost book marks, no space taken up. Authors, I blushingly include myself in that bracket, receive a percentage of sales which offers alongside the readership a wonderful incentive to keep on writing!

Best of all – Ether Books claim no rights on the material. It entirely belongs to the author who can publish their story in a book or magazine at the same time as it appears on the Ether app. That kind of flexibility is refreshing in today’s market and certainly a way forward.

There are no current dates for the publication of my three stories but I shall notify readers here on the blog, on twitter and my facebook author page as they become available.

The three stories forthcoming include two reissues of stories on this blog (The God Particle, For Daniels Benefit) and a new original story that will initially only be available from Ether Books called KATAKOMBY a noir thriller set in the ‘underworld’ of the Czech Republic.

Until they become available why not download the free Ether Books app and try some of the other great authors from Paul McCartney to Conn Iggulden (who is a personal favorite of mine) and many more new and award winning authors!

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