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He knows how to smile a little!

Christopher Michael Bell hails from the historic steel manufacturing region of Teesside in the North East of England. The residents of which polluted region proudly bore the nickname of Smoggies for generations.

As a child he always had three goals for life. One of which we can discount immediately (be a super secret super agent for the government). The other two were to be a teacher and a writer. So many teachers say something similar that outsiders must think teachers have nothing but spare time to write. Nonetheless he had two goals and has been pursuing them over the last couple of years.

Now near the conclusion of a PGCE for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, he tries to keep the bailiffs at.. bay… with cover work in schools and as a casual employee of Middlesbrough Museums & Galleries Service. Where and when possible he has continued developing his writing craft, first studying screenplays and theatre and transfering the plotting techniques he learned over to his first attempts at short fiction. His ego massaged by early positive feedback, there’s now no holding him back as he satirizes our mundane lives, explores the boundaries of science and indulges in his passionate affection for short pulpy noir. Like many part-time writers he nurtures aspirations and dreams for writing ‘The Novel’ like a little girl looks after a doll, occasionally tossing his research (or doll) against the wall in fits of pique. He knew writing wasn’t easy, but nobody told him it was hard. He writes because he enjoys the creative process, and perhaps not too vainly hopes people may get some pleasure from it themselves.

He hopes that his writing can inspire some thoughtful discussion, inspiration and debate about the ideas explored in his short writing. In such a way, the stories themselves are just the begining of the conversation he wants to have with readers.

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